About This Project

Amazing Acts of Kindness (A.A.O.K.) is a Las Vegas-based annual holiday charity that brings gifts to families in need every year.  The charity organization was founded in 2012 by Brian Golbourne, owner of The Crazy Cranium.  


This website was built on WordPress and was designed to raise awareness about the organization’s cause.  It is content-heavy with detailed information about the program, photos from events, video content and more. 


AAOKvegas.com has a ton of unique features and added touches.  We used a lot of red and white colors to give off the holiday feeling.  The counter at the top continually counts down to Christmas year-round in an attempt to evoke excitement from readers.  Since this website represents a charitable organization, we thought it was very important to use a lot of text, photos, and videos to give readers the information they needed to volunteer their time or donate towards the cause. 


On the back end, this website is integrated with Salesforce CRM.  This allows front-end users to complete forms or sign up to be volunteers while automatically dumping data into the CRM for program management, marketing, and other operational purposes.


Built in 2012, the A.A.O.K. website is actually one of the oldest websites in our portfolio.


Visit the site live at www.aaokvegas.com


A few photos of their team, product or services below:

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