About This Project

As a new Realtor, Eddie needed headshots.   Now days, most realtors use their photo in almost all of their marketing materials.  It’s not uncommon to see a photo on an email signature, on a “for sale” sign, on websites, business cards, flyers, etc.  While we wanted to give Eddie the look of an established agent, he always wanted to give off the young, fun and cool vibe.  His goal was to make sure that when people saw his photo, they knew he’d be approachable and fun to work with.


We took these photos inside of a unit at Loft 5 luxury apartments here in Las Vegas.  For this shoot, we used one photographer, one camera, the room’s natural light, and no extra equipment.  Eddie was very pleased with the outcome and still uses these photos to this day!


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Realtor Headshot


Eddie Montgomery


Loft 5 | Las Vegas